With my somewhat nomadic upbringing, growing up on four different continents, I have developed an appreciation and love of exploring different cultures, connecting to people and immersing myself in the countries I have lived in. 

I have been lucky to have been exposed to beautiful architecture, be it old in form of the Temples of Egypt or new such as the cutting edge designs of the sky scrapers in Tokyo  and London throughout my life. 

This appreciation of architecture has turned into a passion and my aim is to try and showcase the intrinsic beauty of the building’s form, helping the architect by visually telling the story he had in mind when he created his building.

Similarly when taking commercial portraits for clients of course there are parameters to adhere to, be it an environmental commercial portrait or one that uses a traditional background, but for me the important thing is to take the time to capture the person in a way that it represents the company but also crucially represents themselves. 

Before pursuing photography as a profession I worked in investment banking for 15 years. Finding bespoke solutions to clients, listening to their needs and delivering results was paramount and is something that is equally relevant to my clients today. 

My perfectionism drives my approach, involving exhaustive homework, site visits and most importantly a constant dialogue with my clients. 

In partnership with my clients I strive to deliver their brief with immaculate attention to detail. I post-process all my own photographs, working with my clients to bring their vision to life, creating strong and consistent images and ensuring a truly bespoke experience.

Toni holds a Graduate Diploma in Photography from the University of Arts of London (LCC), where she graduated with distinction and a B.A. in Economics and Law from the University of Durham. She is also a member of the Master Photographers Association. 


+44 (0)7970 766016