06:00 2017 Toni Ward – Turn the Tide

Given the political surprises that 2016 produced I felt that Turn the Tide summed up last year, but at the same time also reflects the anticipation of what new developments and directions lie ahead on the horizon for 2017.
24 Photography
I have been part of this project since 2016. 24 Photography is a collective of 24 photographers that each year document 24 hours of the New Year’s day hour-by-hour, resulting in 24 images – a visual journey through the first day of the New Year. Each photographer is allocated an hour slot, which moves an hour forward every year. The project, currently in it’s 15th year, will be running for 24 years. Although the images are disjointed in subject and location, all are inexorably linked by the progression of time and throughout the years document not only personal reflections but also trends in society globally resulting in an ongoing and developing social documentary.
The images are displayed every year in an outdoor exhibition on Soho Square which runs for 24 days usually in February/March. For more information on the project please visit www.24photography.org